Saying 'April Fools' As People Take First Sip Of Coffee Works Too Well (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel has a long, storied history of enlisting his fans to prank their friends and family members for the greater good, and this April Fools' Day was no exception.

The stunt was fairly simple: All viewers had to do was utter one simple statement as their loved ones took their first sip of coffee and film the subsequent reaction.

The phrase?

April Fools

As you might have guessed, reactions included a medley of cursing, spitting and threats involving punches to the dick.

You can practically see their brains malfunction as they try to understand what was done.

My favorite response is the man miserably responding by muttering:

I'm gonna go take a dump.

You can poop away a lot of things, but you can't poop away something that isn't there.