Like-To-Minute Ratio: What Your Number Of Instagram 'Likes' Says About You

by Ashley Fern

Over the weekend, as I sat with my friend watching our other friend play the guitar, we realized that we do not possess any actual talent. That is until she declared our shared, innate talent: racking up Instagram likes. I had to give it to her; it's truly a skill many people do not have.

It was probably one of the most pathetically honest conversations I've ever had with another person and definitely one of the funniest.

While said conversation was happening, another person in our group posted what we all thought was a grade-A, hilarious photo. Unfortunately, 11 minutes went by and it only had three likes. So what did he do? Erased it, of course. Why? Because, people... That's why.

Let's be real for a moment: It's all about the like-to-minute ratio, and if that sh*t is off, you can guarantee your photo isn't going to do well. It doesn't matter how many times you refresh your page; it just never seems to be getting any better.

The longer you wait to erase that photo, the more people out there will be aware of what you did. Thus, they only have more reason to mock you relentlessly.

So, what does the amount of "likes" on your pictures say about you? Well...


Just do yourself a favor and like your own photo so you can have the numeral showing, instead of user names listed below the picture.

Don't worry; you can unlike it when someone else comes along, ensuring that at least only a few see your lame excuse for a like.

Less than 11 likes

You basically just committed social suicide and should never post another photo ever again.


This is honestly no better than getting 11 likes or less. You should reevaluate what it is you are taking a picture of and realize why no one is supporting you.


Ninety percent of these likes are for pity.

18-25 likes

You can still show your face in public, but don't be too proud (this is only acceptable if you have <100 followers).


You're almost there, but not quite. Try a different filter next time.

28-33 likes

You know you can do better. Let's try some witty hashtags or something -- ANYTHING that will just give you that little extra oomph.

34-40 likes

You are so close to impacting Instagram, but you just haven't gotten there quite yet. (PSA: Don't give up.)

55 likes on a half-naked photo

You should rethink your social media presence and most likely erase this photo.


Okay, I see you; you're really out here. Respect.


Pedal back, here. You're making the rest of us look bad.


WTF? Are you a celebrity?


Now you are just showing off.


Stop it.


I'm unfollowing you.

155-200 likes

I'm erasing my account and taking my -17 followers with me.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It