The Ultimate Instagram Etiquette Guide We Should All Live By (Photos)

Instagram is where you go if you want to see photographs of people looking happier, more successful and more attractive than they actually are.

We all know that. How do we know that? Because we do the exact same thing. And, honestly, it's not such a big deal, as long as you don't go overboard.

Unfortunately, we know people who are complete and utter monsters on Instagram.

You know, people who post a thousand pictures of their not-cute dog or filter their pictures so intensely it looks like they spent the weekend on the surface of the sun.

This Instagram etiquette guide is for those people.

Because even in the Instagram utopia of identity-curation, the basic principles of human decency should still hold true. And there are rules that must be followed.

Feel free to send this important guide to the worst offenders you know.

It's time for an Instavention (I'm copyrighting that term as we speak).