'House Of Cards' Scenes Mixed With Drake Quotes Works Way Too Well (Photos)

Frank Underwood, the driving force in "House Of Cards," is a no-nonsense, power-hungry tactician who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Drake, on the other hand, is a slightly dorky Canadian child actor-turned-rapper who wants to be like him.

I don't want to discount Aubrey's achievements -- he certainly knows what sells, and it mostly involves overly emotional lyrics peppered with all of the boasts and one-liners people can't help but tweet out with a bunch of fire emoji.

It turns out that a lot of those lines can be employed to describe a number of character traits and moments in the show, and a Tumblr called House of Drake has been drawing parallels for a while now.

Living the life.

Smile for the haters. Or don't.

The motto.

Frank Underwood, Commander-in-Briefs.

The Ghostbusters? I think that's the right answer.

Washington DC is "The 2" if Drake randomly made a nickname for that city too.

Doug Stamper is harder than Drake will ever be.

Russo is the kind of guy who would listen to Drake while crying in the bathtub.

That's his Secret Service code name.

"If I see you inside the Beltway again, you're not going back out."

Talk isn't as cheap as you'd think.

I bet Drake has secret handshakes with all of his friends.

Remember the good times.

You don't descend to the throne.

Stamper is ride or die.

You might even call her disposable.

Reporters are your friends until they aren't.

Except assassinations. He should probably be a little scared of those.

I like to think Frank Underwood also enjoys paraphrasing Mike Jones.