This Is What NYC Subway Workers Really Think When Making Announcements

You hear a lot of blatant lies when riding the subway in New York, but the lies told by the people sharing their sob stories to a crowded car have nothing on the ones you hear peddled on a daily basis by the MTA.

By my estimate, the average commuter hears the phrases "we'll be moving shortly" and "we apologize for any inconvenience" approximately 17.3 times a week, and they're blatantly being lied to almost every single time.

The subway might be an objectively terrible place, but it's important to remember it could be so much worse (have you ever been to a city that only relies on buses? The horror).

Commuters might be the most vocal complainers, but something tells me the MTA probably has a few things to say to its critics -- most of which are covered in this video from Above Average.