'Hipster Or Homeless' The Greatest Internet Game Ever

When you're not reading all of the captivating, motivational and hilarious articles posted here on Elite Daily, there are several other sites you can get your vital daily information from. Hipster or Homeless is not one of them, but it's a phenomenal site to waste time on!

Here's how it works, the site posts various pictures of disheveled looking people, and you have to determine whether they're hipsters or if they're homeless.  So basically, you need to guess if they have such a low income that they are forced to live on the streets, or if they are just pretentious douche bags who are into indie-culture.  Simple, but genius! Either way, they smell like piss!

Here are some of the pictures that you have to choose from:

Whether he's a hipster or homeless, he's definitely an American! But yea, he's probably homeless, too.