This Parody Video For Artisanal Water Might Not Even Be A Parody

by Connor Toole

If you're going to put a product on the market, you certainly need people to want to stand behind it.

But these days, merely producing a quality product isn't enough to set yourself apart in the marketplace.

Consumers don't want some soulless product from a faceless corporation; they need a compelling backstory (preferably involving a hardworking immigrant grandfather), at least one mustachioed cofounder and an attractive label featuring the name of an ungentrified area of Brooklyn.

This video for The Timothy Brothers' handcrafted water is one of the most impressive parodies I've watched in a long time.

I know this because, by the end, I was fully willing to drop $11 on a bottle of this fake water that possibly contains remnants of the cat corpses thrown in the East River.

That's how you make a sale.