Hilarious Video Shows How Difficult It Is For Guys To Approach Women

In honor of Valentine’s Day, comedy team Paul Gale Comedy created a hilariously pessimistic video titled The Truth About Meeting Women.

In the video, a man sits alone on a bench in a subway station. He looks up to see a pretty woman, about his age. Immediately, he begins daydreaming about what their life would be like if the two were together. His intention, it seems, is to work up the nerve to talk to her.

The daydream ends horribly, with the woman telling him,

I think this is over.

The same process repeats with about 10 other women on the platform; each daydream ends tragically, with the desperate man ending up alone in the fantasy and in real life, as he fails to approach any of the women.

A hilarious twist at the skit’s end reveals just how terrified the poor guy is to be rejected.

Then, text on the screen reads,

Seek love. Risk rejection. We’re all going to die anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Check it out up top.