12 Receipts With Hidden Messages You Would Probably Never Catch


I haven't become successful enough in life to seriously refer to my time as "valuable," but that doesn't mean I enjoy awkwardly standing in front of a cashier waiting for a receipt that will immediately be crumpled up and thrown into the nearest trashcan.

I can't imagine how many minutes I've wasted over the years waiting for cash registers at CVS to print out my receipts, but I bet I could have used that time to watch at least a couple videos of cute animals doing funny things.

It seems like more businesses have started to realize most people don't need physical proof to confirm they spend too much money on iced coffee each week, but unless major corporations start replacing their cash registers with iPads, I don't see the status quo radically changing anytime soon.

However, it appears there is a group of individuals out there dedicated to Making Receipts Great Again, and they've added hidden messages on the part of the paper printouts that practically nobody reads to reward anyone bored enough to wander there.

I assume this receipt was sponsored by Wilmer Valderrama...

...and this receipt was sponsored by Charlie Kelly and the rest of the gang down at Paddy's Pub.

This receipt obviously isn't familiar with the first two rules.

The only real way to prepare for parking lot ninjas is to figure out what you're going to do when a hand grabs your leg out of nowhere.

Meta transactions are the best transactions.

Mitch Hedberg only got into comedy to eventually be memorialized on receipts.

There's nothing I love more than truth in advertising.

How thoughtful.

So many ancient relics in one picture!

We're back to the sponsored receipts -- this one is brought to you by Flavor Flav.

We need more PSAs like this.

Thanks for reading weird sh*t, weirdo.