Guys Try To Give A Woman Hair Extensions, And It's One Massive Fail (Video)

Men are just not equipped to handle some things.

How hard could it be to put in hair extensions? Is it not just a clip in the back of the hair that’s attached to fake hair?

I’m a guy, and I’m sincerely asking.

I used to feel like putting in hair extensions was the kind of thing where I would say, “What do you want me to do? Pfffttttt, give me dat weave,” and then expertly install more hair onto a lady who already had a lot of hair.

But then I saw this video, and now I'm confident I would make a huge fool of myself.

Who is this poor lady, Cosmopolitan? She deserves a hug, a raise, the keys to the Cosmo office,  a car, a boat and a minor league sports franchise.