Guys Hilariously Try To Put On Fake Eyelashes For The First Time (Video)

Guys out there are about to gain a newfound respect for women’s beauty regimens.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never seen the appeal of having over-the-top fake eyelashes.

I’m not talking about standard colors of fake eyelashes -- those, I get.

I’m talking about those bright-colored, “Lady Gaga concert” eyelashes some girls wear when they’re just going to work.

If you are walking in the street and have on fake magenta eyelashes with rhinestone accents, you look less like a trendsetter and more like an out-of-place member of the Capitol from "The Hunger Games."

I’ve never seen a girl with a ton of lash fashion -- lashion? -- and not spent my time looking at her trying to figure out how her eyelids find the strength to raise under the weight of literal fake rocks glued to them.

OK, I’m done with my old man-style rant.