Guys Hilariously Prank Chris Pratt During A 'Jurassic World' Interview (Video)

With the new "Jurassic World" movie set to permanently damage another generation of children's psyches this June, Chris Pratt is doing some laps on the promotional circuit.

Recently, he met with a couple of guys for an interview, and they took it as an opportunity to say and do very weird things to him.

I’m not sure if this interview is technically a prank or if it’s just a video of a guy being given instructions on how to make a movie star feel slightly uncomfortable, but thankfully, Pratt is game for anything and ends up showing just how funny he truly is.

I don't know a lot of movie stars who would tell someone's mom to get tested for herpes because it may have been transmitted via an innocent kiss between mother and son, but it looks like Chris Pratt is one of them.