Lifestyle — What Is A Man Date? Here Are Some Ideas
by Kelley Lord

In case you forgot the year, it's 2017. Anyone can go on a date -- including two straight dudes. Bromances are nothing new, but this concept of making time to go dates with your guy friends should be.

Allow me to womansplain a man date: A man date is an outing or night in with one of your guy friends in order to bond on a deeper level by enjoying quality time with each other, without the interruption of a group or significant others.

Here are four reasons guys should adopt the practice of going on man dates:

It's freaking adorable.

The reason we all love Obama and Joe Biden's friendship is because it's so damn precious. From an outsider's perspective, it's super attractive for a guy to not only value his friendships with his friends, but isn't afraid to show it. If you go on man dates with your guy friend, we know you're the type of guy who wants to spend quality time with anyone important in your life.

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It's more intimate than a guy's night.

You can only get to know your guy friends so much on a guy's night. The testosterone is peaking, and a bunch of dudes in one room means a lot of repressed feelings. The last thing a guy wants is to be embarrassed in a group of their friends so they'll play it as cool as possible.

When you're one-on-one with another person, you're more likely to open up and probably have a lot more in common than you think.

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Some places are just better with another dude.

It's likely you share similar interests with your closest guy friends, so why not take advantage of that and take a class or go on a day trip together? Instead of dragging along a potential partner to an activity you enjoy, just take time to spend it with someone who will be as hyped as you to participate.

There is no pressure to impress anyone else, you can just enjoy your time together and chill TF out.

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