Guys Have Absolutely No Idea How To Unclasp Different Types Of Bras (Video)

I remember when it was "cool" to be good at unhooking bras because it supposedly meant you had seen, and would go on to see, tons of boobies.

The truth is, back then, the closest thing I saw to "real-life" boobs were the ones a neighbor's pregnant cat had swinging from her torso.

Nowadays, I don't even bother trying to unclasp bras because they have become way too complicated for the layman. The guys in this video, made by Cosmo magazine, look like they are trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphics.

One dude, after successfully removing a corset from a mannequin, claims,

This is why they called me Houdini in high school.

He's actually telling the truth -- when people found him removing Victorian corsets from headless mannequins in the janitor's closet, they did call him Houdini -- because Houdini was scary, too.

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