This Guy Tries To Land Women On Tinder With The Most Horrific Lines

Tinder can feel like a lot of swiping and very little decent conversation.

For those precise reasons, Tinder user Mostafa is so damn refreshing.

In his pick-up line-packed messages to Tinder babes worldwide (correction: within a radius of a few miles), the 22-year-old has been slaying hearts with a level of game usually reserved for a divorced dad looking to take his hairdresser out for some smooth jazz and chardonnay.

Recently, one woman responded favorably when Mostafa asked if she collected antiques. He replied,

That’s great cause I’ve got some junk that hasn’t been touched in years..

Note the creepy ellipsis following that truly disturbing message.

Mostafa is the kind of man who concerns himself with the details, which is what makes his repartee so exceptional.

A firefighter took the opportunity to educate Mostafa. If he were here right now, I bet he would come up with a really shady teacher-themed one liner. Oh, Mostafa.

Mostafa’s sweet desperation and gently off-putting vibe really found an audience with Undies McCrotchselfie.

The pair even made loose plans to get together.

Get it together, singles. With guys like Mo’ out there, getting a match for yourself won’t be easy.