Guy Walks In On Cheating Girlfriend Lying In Bed With Her Roommate (Photo)

There was a time when you could do something stupid and not have to worry about it counting against you for your entire life.

People tended to forget things over time and, if you needed to, you could pack up and start a new life in a village a few miles away.

Unfortunately, it’s not 1379 anymore, and thanks to the magical wonderland known as The Internet, there’s really no easy way to truly start over.

As much as I hate to acknowledge a teaching of my high school guidance counselor, once something goes online, it goes online forever.

If you, for some reason, needed a reason to think twice before cheating on your significant other, I have all the motivation you’ll ever need. Facebook never forgets.

I hate when that happens

If, for some reason, you want to read 100 Facebook comments from random people reacting to the situation, then today is your lucky day

Photos Courtesy: Imgur