This Guy Shared Surveillance Video Of People Having Sex Outside His House


What would you do if people would not stop f*cking outside of your house?

I would do exactly nothing, because I'm terrified of strangers. But, one homeowner decided he'd had enough of people porking each other in front of his home, so he set up a bunch of security cameras in an attempt to deter the couples.

Unfortunately for Camoit Mightyram (yeah that's reportedly his name), people who want to f*ck apparently don't give a sh*t about cameras. His cameras caught several couples doing the deed (that means sex with each other) completely undeterred.

Mr. Mightyram (seriously, this name is baller) reportedly posted the videos on YouTube.

In the caption, he asked,

When will they figure out the pole full of CCTV camera are real?

"Never" is the answer, Dr. Mightyram, because the people don't care.

At the end of this video, he gets so fed up he interrupts a couple by shining a flashlight through a car window. I can only assume the two lovers gave him the thumbs up and kept going.

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