Insane Guy Sends 32 Messages To Someone Who Snapchatted His Ex (Photos)

Ladies, if you think your boyfriend (current or ex) is crazy, you can rest easy knowing there are crazier men out there.

Case in point: this guy, who flipped a sh*t after finding another guy on his ex-girlfriend's “best friends” list on Snapchat. Yes, ex-girlfriend.

Instead of accepting the relationship had ended and -- gasp! -- his ex-girlfriend would be talking to, and maybe even seeing, other guys, he took to Facebook to verbally harass the Snapchatter.

In a jealous rage, the crazy ex-boyfriend told the new guy to f*ck off, claiming his ex was still in love with him, among a lot of other things.

The one-sided Facebook rant continued, with the crazy dude at times insulting and threatening the new guy, and at other times apologizing for his erratic behavior.

He sent, all in all, 32 messages. The recipient, on the other hand? One reply.

Desperation and pathetic-ness aside, the insane guy's messages are actually kind of terrifying, in that it's super easy to imagine him as a crazed stalker (which he very well may be).

Ladies, if you ever come across a guy this obsessed, I have one word of advice for you: run.

Check out the ex-boyfriend's ridiculous tirade below.

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