Guy Sends His 89-Year-Old Grandfather On Hilarious Tinder Dates (Video)

by Connor Toole

One of the most important factors in getting laid (or "meeting someone," if you're talking about it with your parents) on Tinder is convincing that person you're more attractive than you actually are.

There are a few ways to achieve this.

Some people choose a picture that was taken before they gained 20 pounds over the course of the winter.

Others spend way too much time in Photoshop fixing everything genetics got wrong.

The star of this video went with the first strategy, and while girls who swiped right thought they were matching with a 21-year-old filmmaker, they were actually saying "yes" to an 89-year-old using a picture taken shortly after WWII.

Joe managed to convince a few of the women to meet up with him in person, and his grandson filmed the encounters before trying to steal his grandpa's girl without making things too weird (which is apparently harder than you think).