Guy Picks Up Girl On Tinder Using Nothing But Lyrics From 'Hey Ma' (Photo)

Back in May, Cam'ron teamed up with A-Trak and Juelz Santana to drop a track that temporarily transported the world back to the early 2000s when Dipset ran hip-hop and everything was right with the world.

While I, personally, believe it's sacrilegious to pick one song as the best of an era, most people would probably point to "Hey Ma" as the most iconic song to come out of Harlem at the start of the new Millennium.

There's something about the combination of Cam'ron and The Commodores that made the song into the jam that it is and, for a song that came out over a decade ago, it's aged incredibly well.

One Tinder user allegedly took advantage of its timelessness by wooing a match using nothing but lines from the song. It shouldn't have worked, but if these screenshots are to be believed, it did. My only complaint is that the address was in Brooklyn and not somewhere above 125th Street.

All I'm asking for is a little authenticity.

For the uninitiated (as if you need an excuse to listen to "Hey Ma")

And here's the conversation that should have gone worse than it did:

We enlarged the convo so you could more easily enjoy Tinder at its finest:

H/T: Bro Bible