This Genius Figured Out How To Get Domino's Delivered To His Moving Train

Throughout history, bold men and women have been told their dreams are foolish, idiotic and impossible to achieve, and yet, the central characteristic of the truly influential human being is the urge to rebel against those naysayers, to strive to do the impossible, to reach to the heavens with outstretched hands, groping for glory.

Today, we meet another one of these heroes. His name is DJ Artwork (that, of course, is his DJ name -- he's a dubstep producer, so I assume his real name is just BWAMP B. BWAMP).

DJ (he and I are on a first-name basis now) accomplished the Herculean feat of successfully getting a Domino's pizza delivered to a moving train.

And the tale is one for the ages.

The quest began simply enough.

The problem was simple: hunger. The solution, on the other hand, was inspired.

Instantly, support for his bold dream rolled in.

But, careful planning was needed. He would have to have the precision of a pizza surgeon.

There were many unsuspected obstacles.

Just when all seemed lost, the sun of opportunity shone through the clouds.

And his support only grew as the anticipation built.

The countdown began.

Everyone waited with bated breath.

All hung in the balance!


Y E S ! ! ! !

Champagne flowed from crystal fountains, and cherubs sang triumphant songs.

Actually, this is all just the prequel to "Snowpiercer."

Ride on, road warrior. Ride on.