Guy Locks Himself Out Of Hotel Room, Takes Most Painful Walk Of Shame Ever

A guy locked himself out of his hotel room while completely naked, and his walk of shame is something straight out of a movie.

Video footage from a hotel camera shows a nude man poking his head out of his hotel room door, looking both ways to see if the coast is clear.

He goes back inside of his room and returns entirely naked with a room service tray full of empty dishes and plates. As he walks out of the door, it immediately slams shut behind him.

While totally exposed in the hotel’s hallway, he sets the tray down on the ground and turns back toward his room. At that very moment he realized he made a grave mistake.

He reaches to turn the handle multiple times in frustration, as if the door would magically unlock itself.

The embarrassed fellow hides in the corner of the hallway while two hotel guests pass by. He has no idea what to do and his irritation is apparent.

Finally, he figures he’ll enter the elevator and go to the lobby to get help from the hotel staff. Of course, the naked guy is met in the elevator by a mother and child, who react with horror and get off on that floor.

When he gets to the lobby, he is greeted by dozens of guests. He goes right up the front desk attendant and says, “I locked myself out of my room.”

With a straight face, the hotel employee says,

Okay, not a problem…do you have any ID?

The naked guy responds sarcastically,

Yeah, I don’t have any clothes on.

The hotel employee insists on seeing the naked man's driver’s license. After the hassle he's already been through, he's not having it and starts to get angry.

 How can I have a drivers license if I am naked, man?

I wonder if he ever got back into his room. This guy’s morning couldn't have gotten any worse. Watch this naked guy’s downfall in the video above.