Move Over, Bieber: This Guy Is The Master Of The Bare Ass Instagram (Photos)

Whether or not you're a Belieber, it's hard to deny how good Justin's ass looked in his recent Instagram.

However, like with most things he does, there's someone out there doing the same thing better than him.

Jeremy Levenbach, a New York-based comedian, is the man behind @levenbutt, the Instagram account consisting of over 200 photos of his bare ass posing around the city and beyond.

While the photo collection initially started as a joke in 2012, Levenbach soon decided to fully commit to the series and recruited his photographer friends to help with the project.

His photos range in context, from standing in front of simple backdrops like a subway platform to posing with famous comedians like Aziz Ansari and Zach Galifianakis, who he met at the improv theater Upright Citizen's Brigade, where he hosts a weekly show.

Levenbach always makes sure no one feels uncomfortable when his photos are being taken since he shoots in public most of the time.

In fact, he told Mashable,

I make a point of being respectful... being especially vigilant that I don't expose myself to children or women that are walking alone.

Despite his efforts to keep his photo shoots fun, there are still some people who aren't on board with what he's doing.

He added,

Naked butts (at least my butt) are polarizing. Most responses that I get (from friends and strangers) are positive, but there are folks (friends and strangers) that very much dislike it.

If you need help deciding whether or not you love or hate the photo series, you can check out more of his work on his Instagram account.

Flatiron Building

Astor Place


With comedian Bob Odenkirk

Peru, Vermont

Brooklyn, New York

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