Guy Snapchats From Under Girl's Bed After Her Mom Comes Home Early (Photos)

Getting caught having sex with a girl by one of her parents is about as stress-free as being tossed into a shark tank, with open wounds, in a shrimp taco costume.

It never happened to me, but if it had, I probably would have reacted a lot like this kid.

When this dude gets caught at his girl's house when her mom comes home early, he does what any sensible human being would do: He hides naked under the bed.

He follows up this sensible act -- fortunately for us -- by Snapchatting his whole experience.

The results are stupendous.

A key thing to notice here is he's using the flash.

Check out his excellent Spider-Man positioning.

So imagine, just for one second, what it would be like...

If he's in high school, I guarantee you the mom was not the only one coming too fast.

To not only find a naked boy under your daughter's bed...

Hm... What do these mysterious quotations here mean?

...but to find a naked boy under your daughter's bed, taking a bunch of photographs of himself.

Yes, you did.

Honestly, I'd be too confused to even get mad.

OK, this picture is amazing.

But, I have to hand it to him. He took a risk and got a story. This guy has a bright future in journalism.

Sweet dreams, hiding champion. Sweet dreams.

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