Guy Documents Life As A Third Wheel With A Series Of Awkward Selfies

by Connor Toole

Recent technological developments have made it easier than ever to beg your friends and casual acquaintances for attention and an ego boost.

Gone are the days of standing in front of a mirror with a digital camera to find the perfect default picture for Myspace. Now, all you have to do to get people to look at you is hold your phone in front of you and try to come up with a caption to justify your blatant vanity.

By now, you may have guessed I'm not a huge fan of the selfie phenomenon that's swept the world over the past few years, but I will admit there are a couple of situations where it's appropriate to insert your face into a picture when it normally wouldn't be necessary.

Documenting your life as the perpetual third wheel in a relationship is one of them.

It takes a special kind of person to be friends with someone who wears pants to the beach.

There is a chance they don't actually know they're being followed.

Maybe he's just using them as an excuse to go to LEGOLAND.

Did you think shopping with your girlfriend was bad? Shopping with your friend while he shops with his girlfriend is even worse.

Here's the payoff you deserve for having to look at 10 pictures of people you don't know. Thanks for taking the ride with me.