This Extremely Unlucky Person Texted The Worst Possible Wrong Number For Weed

Buying weed is stressful.

Not that I do it, of course. I am a model citizen who never lies when he's summoned for jury duty and tells his doctor he only has three drinks a week.

But if I did buy weed, I would find it to be stressful.

One kush pilgrim texted someone who he thought was his weed dealer, in order to pick up some plant matter to light on fire and inhale. Unfortunately for him (and luckily for us), he typed in the wrong number.

The best part about this – apart from what you're about to find out below – is the fact that he claimed he needed the weed for an "eye appointment."

Now, maybe I'm an idiot and that's just weird slang for something. But if that's not the case, this dude is like, "You know what I need before an appointment with a doctor who will shine lights into my eyes? Something that will make me hate discomfort, but also make my eyes dry and bloodshot."


The person whose number it was played it close to the chest at first, in order to find out where the green pilgrim's eye appointment was. But then, he finally revealed both himself and his trusted sidekick.


This guy has the worst luck imaginable.

I'm trying to come up with an analogy for how bad this is, like "This is worse than trying to text _____ and ended up texting ______!!"

But I literally can't think of a worse person to accidentally text than a cop with a drug-sniffing dog who can now find out who you are.

Actually, I just thought of one: accidentally sending a dick pic to your dad's new wife.