Groomsman's Backflip At A Wedding Reception Was The Biggest Fail Ever (Video)

This woman attending a wedding just got Hava Negila’d in the face. If you’re at a wedding and your favorite song comes on, and you also happen to be an amateur gymnast, doing the Funky Chicken just won’t cut it.

No, a much more complex dance move is required.

Like a no-look double backflip, for instance.

The video post was captioned with a very appropriate,

The turn up at this wedding was too real... But why did he pick her up to dance like he didn't just mollywop her ass?!

Why DID he pick her up to dance right after kicking her in the head? Was she OK?

Will I be using the term “mollywop” more frequently in everyday conversation?

These are all questions that need to be answered.