Google Street View Rats Out Man Who Told His Wife He Stopped Smoking

by Eitan Levine

Et tu, Google Street View?

Big Brother is always watching, and he will sell you out the second he gets the chance.

Just ask Donny Ryding.

The English taxi driver recently quit smoking -- or more accurately, quit smoking in places where his wife could see him -- after suffering a heart attack.

But thanks to a Google Street View photo, Donny's smoking jig is up.

Donny's wife, Julie, found her husband violating the no-smoking rule in a photo taken by a Google Street View car.

According to Daily Mail, Julie said her husband mentioned he saw the Google Street View car driving around their block earlier in the day.

Later on, after finding Hobnob biscuits that Donny also said he would give up stashed in his car, she searched online for the pictures the car took and found more incriminating evidence.

Julie reportedly said,

When I checked it online I couldn't believe it -- there was no denying it now we'd seen it.

She also jokingly added,

When Street View first launched, they didn't blur out faces, but there was no need to with him -- he was covered by a cloud of smoke anyway!

The couple pays homage to the biscuits that spurred Julie's suspicion by referring to the day as “Hobnob Day.”

But for real, Google Street View, what gives?

I thought you were a bro. Why you gotta go do that? Major bro code violation.

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