The Gluten-Free Versions Of Famous Works Of Art Just Aren't The Same (Photos)

Some people really are intolerant to gluten. These people have celiac disease.

Everyone else is probably not intolerant to it whatsoever, but they believe depriving themselves of it sets them apart from us sweaty, pizza-people.

Gluten-free diets have now become more popular than No. 2 pencils or the "Twilight" books (the series where a vampire mannequin refuses to have sex with Kristen Stewart -- or at least that's what I'm told).

Now, an anonymous Photoshop wizard has started the "Gluten Free Museum" devoted to removing gluten from famous works of art and movie stills.

I guess George Bush was right. French people really do hate my freedom.

This will teach you filthy animals to use a fork.

Say "gluten" one more time!

Man, I love still life paintings. The painter has to be so good at painting really boring things.

 Van Gogh? More like Can't Gogh (to the pizzeria).

This is a before and after picture of the day hemp became illegal.

I like to think that a couple of sneaky atheist mice stole this bread from Jesus.

This is what this little loser gets for having a soul patch.

A cop without a doughnut is like a competitive doughnut eater, without any doughnuts.

Salvador Dali, more like Salvador Deli (delis stock gluten-free food products, people).

Now we know why these two dorks were so bored. No bagel bites. Or sex.

For further research, I refer you to this video so you might better understand the gluten-free lifestyle.