Thirsty Guy Tries Sexting Girl Who Only Replies With Smash Mouth Lyrics (Photos)

Wow. I think I just met my match because this girl is literally a f*cking legend.

Some guy was trying to creep on her via Facebook message (seriously, have less game) and she responded in the most epic way possible: with Smash Mouth lyrics.

Honestly, what's a better way to celebrate a little #TBT? This girl really convinces the guy she is into it and plays into his terrible sexting moves. The best part is the guy doesn't even realize what the hell is going on, which is pretty pathetic on his part.

I mean, who doesn't know the words to "All Star" by heart? It can't just be me because that would just be plain embarrassing. Check out the incredible exchange below.

Not exactly off to the strongest start, but this guy isn't easily dissuaded.

Even if he wasn't a creep, not knowing the opening lines of "All Star" is a major red flag.

You have to admire his commitment, which is surpassed only by his cluelessness.

Pro tip: "Hoh" and "you" have drastically different meanings. Spell check is your friend.

Remember that time this guy said something that made absolutely no sense? Because he doesn't.

"Hey, let's go on date. We can go ice skating, I can pull your hair during sex -- it'll be a fun time!"

Maybe "All Star" is a dirtier song than anyone realized?

Well, then. Things just got interesting.

In all honesty, this guy would probably still be down.

via BroBible, Photos Courtesy: Imgur