Girl On Snapchat Makes Epic Guide For Guys Who Send D*ck Pics

by Connor Toole

There are people out there who somehow don't appreciate the delicate art of photographing your junk, which is probably because a lot of people don't think too highly of grainy, poorly lit and all too often unsolicited shots of penises.

I'm sure there's an artist with a neck tattoo sitting in a loft in Queens making a dick pic out of bunch of smaller dick pics, but I doubt that crowning achievement in irony would do much to legitimize an admittedly overdone practice.

However, if you insist on sending someone a picture of your genitals, you should at least know the dos and don'ts -- if you skipped that day in health class, one girl was kind enough to put together a tutorial on Snapchat (naturally).

Before you ask: I don't know what happened to Technique Four. We probably shouldn't talk about it.

I'm assuming Reece has received one or two dick pics in her time.

 I think that's a finger. At least I hope it is.

This angle is even better with panorama mode.

 That's flattering. So, so flattering.

I'd say this is conservative, but I don't think I'm allowed to use that word when talking about a dick pic.

Balls. So hot right now.

 That's hygienic.

 I hope we all learned something today.