Big Guys Need Love, Too: Girl Grinding On Belly Of Fat Is The Definition Of 'Ratchet' (Video)

Hey, big guys need love, too. I'm warning you, however, this kind of love is a bit disturbing to watch.

I'm not sure if you've ever seen "fat grinding," but it's a new phenomenon, much like twerking and "Fifty Shades Of Grey," that you just can't look away from, even if your eyes are burning.

In this video that defines the word "ratchet," one (hopefully) drunk girl has decided to bless the 100-plus pounds of fat sitting on top of one happy man with a lap dance. That's right, she works that fat.

She gets all up on it, in it and around it. And she does a pretty good job. The fat looks happy, the man looks happy and the guy with the camera definitely looks happy. He's just struck pure, viral gold.

If this doesn't turn the nation off grinding once and for all, I don't know what will.