Girl Cuts Off Classmate's Hair After She Called Justin Bieber Gay

That'll teach her! You will think twice next time you're around a middle school tween and decide to call Justin Bieber gay...even if it is the truth.

The "Beliebers" have become an intimidating fan club. It seems they are becoming (or trying to become) as bad as their idol himself. Looks like the bad influence is really rubbing off on the impressionable girls.

If we want to take a minute and get serious, this really does just say something about our culture and the ridiculously high amount of worship we give "false idols." But on a less serious note, Justin Bieber fans be f*cking crazy.

THIS GIRL IN FRONT OF ME IN MATH CALLED JUSTIN GAY SO I CUT HER HAIR OFF NOW IM SUSPENDED HAHA IT'S WORTH IT — sandrine (@cantbeliebit) October 8, 2013 This reminds us a lot of when the One Direction fan broke her dog's neck after they didn't follow her on Twitter. Top Photo Courtesy Of: Tumblr