Little Girl Tries To Convince Dad To Steal Elsa Doll From The Store (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

There's a fine line between appreciation and obsession.

This little girl's feelings for Disney's “Frozen” crossed that line a long, long time ago.

While shopping with her dad, the pint-sized princess spotted an oversized Elsa doll and decided she had to have it.

Unfortunately, “toy shopping” wasn't on Dad's agenda, and when she asks for the doll, he says "no".

And that is when her obsession rears its blonde head.

Instead of accepting her father's (admittedly disappointing) response, the little girl angrily growls, “let's just take it,” in a voice fit for a horror movie.

When her dad fails to concede, she makes for the store's exit, life-sized doll in hand.

All the while, dad tries to conceal his laughter as he pleads for her to stop.

Who won the battle remains unclear, but we're kind of hoping dad gave in -- we'd be terrified to see the tot any angrier.

Check out the funny (scary?) video up top.

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