This Little Girl Adorably Cheered On Her Dog While It Was Pooping (Video)

This video comes to us from the sacred vault of "America's Funniest Home Videos," a show that inexplicably managed to survive the invention of the Internet.

The plot is simple -- in fact, you can probably surmise it from the headline of this article. If not, here's a hint: This is a video about how a "little girl adorably cheered on her dog while it was pooping."

Now, class, what does this video tell us?

It tells us toddlers have more in common with dogs than they do with humans. This toddler definitely relates way better to the dog's struggle to force out a mammoth dookie than she does to her mother trying to force her to tie her shoes.

After all, a toddler is a creature you can't leave alone in the house; it needs your help to poop; it cannot communicate well; and it's cute but also very dumb.

Toddlers are dogs.