Nicolas Cage As Every 'GOT' Character Is Bizarre And Weirdly Awesome (Photos)

I don't know the person responsible for the photos below, but I do know he or she spent at least four hours in a dark room with his or her eyes closed trying to figure out the answer to one question: How do you make something the Internet won't be able to resist?

I'm honestly surprised it took this long for someone to combine "Game of Thrones" with Nicolas Cage. I mean, one is a pop culture phenomenon filled with castles, and the other is a walking enigma who almost went bankrupt after buying too many medieval fortresses.

It's not exactly the most inspired idea in the world, and it would probably help if the person who came up with the idea was a little more proficient in Photoshop.

But still, this person made 30 of these.

I've picked the most disturbing ones because they're more amusing.

May the new and the old gods have mercy on us all.