9 Confiscated Notes That Perfectly Sum Up What Life's Like In Middle School


I consider myself a fairly open-minded person, but I never understood the people in the world who honestly refer to the time they spent in high school as "the best years" of their lives.

This is probably because my high school experience was an awkward four years filled with moments and memories that still manage to make me cringe, despite happening almost a decade ago.

However, I'd rather have to relive high school a hundred times than spend a single year back in middle school, a period filled with mood swings, random erections and, well, periods no one deserves to experience even once.

Middle school students have stellar reputations for thinking they're being much sneakier than they really are, and as a result, the Internet is filled with confiscated notes uploaded by teachers who want to share the schadenfreude with the world.

Apologies in advance if these bring up a memory you thought you repressed long ago.

This sounds just like something Amanda would do. Stupid Amanda.

Ice cold, Raymond. Ice cold.

I was a little suspicious of the handwriting at first, but the explanation makes so much sense. There's no way Mrs. Miller can argue with that logic.

I don't know if "Mad Libs: Dirty Talk Edition" exists, but I imagine it would look something like this.

This note may have been written by a middle school student, but I'm pretty sure it appeared in at least one movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Going to have what? GOING TO HAVE WHAT?!?!?!?!? The suspense is killing me.

It's a love triangle for the ages.

You probably won't be able to relate to the whole having-sex-in-middle-school thing, but there was no way I wasn't going to include this.

I like to think this exchange involves the same people as the previous one.