14 Guys Who Thought They Had GFs But Were Actually In The Friend Zone (Photos)

by Connor Toole

The Friend Zone is a mythical kingdom located somewhere between the Enchanted Garden of Committed Relationships and The Burning Pit of Loneliness, which is filled with desperate men who'd do anything to taste life in the promised land.

It should be noted the real reason the Friend Zone is a mythical place is mostly because it's synonymous with "a place delusional people tell themselves they're banished to when another person doesn't want to reward basic kindness with sexual favors."

Technicalities aside, some of those people will try to crawl their way into the life of the person they've constructed a fantasy situation with, and way too many of them will do it in a public forum.

Others sit idly by, futilely waiting for their crush to finally see the light. Either way, they're not doing much to help their cause.

I'd say something like "It's better to have been loved as a friend than to never have been loved at all," but that would be a lie.

Ah yes, the classic "friendship engagement." That's a normal thing everyone does.

Platonic comedies are the new romantic comedies.

There's really nothing I can say here but "Wow."

At least it makes life easier for the both of them.

You can practically hear the screeching brakes and smell the burning rubber.

It's now time for one of my favorite segments: "Men Being Used As Furniture."

Sitting on a curb is for peasants (who you sit on while waiting for a cab).

I ask that you now pause and observe a moment of silence for the guy on the left. He just died inside.

Wait! Maybe there is hope after all.

Just kidding.

A lot can happen in two minutes.

Were all those periods really necessary?

That was nice of her.

A wild Friend appeared! Nice Guy fainted!

I guess it's only appropriate to follow an admittedly forced Pokémon with the coolest Magic card I've ever laid eyes on.