Famous Quotes Change Quite A Bit When Attributed To The Wrong People (Photos)

There are certain quotes and phrases that have been uttered so many times throughout history, they've managed to become clichés.

If you want an example, I suggest opening up either Tumblr or Instagram and looking at the first three posts you see -- chances are one will show up.

A lot of these quotes are so old that the original speaker has long been forgotten (or they've been attributed to someone who probably didn't say it in the first place).

One Imgur user decided to take some well-known adages from history and slap them next to the faces of famous people, only he used a certain strategy in picking who was paired with what.

A word of warning: If you're one of those people who gets easily offended, you'll probably find something on this list capable of launching you into a furious state of moral indignation.

You've officially lost your right to complain.

I believe this was originally said by Michael Scott.

And some even let it thrust onto their dresses.

By the end of the seventh question, every contestant was dead.

No, it's oil. If it were children, we would have found Kony a long time ago.

Wait -- when did Chris Brown try to beat up Smash Mouth?

What a guy.

Michael Vick's dogs always had the biggest fight.

Unfortunately, even doing it once makes it a lot harder to be negative.

She'd probably want to ball fairly quietly.

These were reportedly his last words to Eva Braun.

I wonder how Anne Sullivan relayed this one -- a blindfold maybe?

I'm still trying to figure out this analogy.

He wasn't messing around.


Photos Courtesy: Imgur