'Family Feud' Contestant Gives The Most Amazing NSFW Answer Ever (Video)

If 100 "Family Feud" viewers were given a survey about the reasons they watch "Family Feud," I assume the top two answers would be "I took a sick day" and "I can't find my remote."

If I was one of the people chosen for the survey, I'd probably go with "Steve Harvey's facial expressions." They're an incredibly diverse mix of reactions centered around befuddlement, faux anger and pure frustration just begging to be turned into reaction GIFs.

Steve's facial muscles got quite the workout during a recent show when contestants were asked to name the last things they stuck their fingers in -- a question seemingly designed to entertain the middle school students in all of us.

Although various parts of the human anatomy were already uncovered on the board, there was one notable exception.

One of the contestants, Kevin, decided to channel his inner Borat to give an answer his family (especially his wife) seemed a bit too proud of.