This Family Actually Wore 'Ho' Shirts For Their Christmas Card (Photos)

by Eitan Levine

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Incest-mas!

Seriously? Your Christmas card is your whole family standing around a fireplace wearing matching sweaters for the 400th year in a row?

Please. That concept is more overdone than the concept of kids singing, "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg..." and thinking it's comedy gold.

Take a long hard look in the mirror because your family's Christmas cards are stupid wastes of cardboard paper compared to the Yoshida family's holiday greetings.

I'll give you two guesses to figure out why the family's holiday card series went viral this week.

Do you have any guesses?

Are you still unsure?

Yup. That's right! This picture has more than two million views because of that dope Christmas tree in the background. The Internet loves the Yoshida family's dope Christmas tree.

I can't think of any other reasons this picture featuring a dad wearing a shirt saying “CHILLIN' WITH MY HO'S” next to his wife and two daughters wearing shirts that say “HO" would be gaining traction online.

In case you're wondering, this isn't the first time the Yoshidas got together to pull off a scandalous family photo.

Last week, one of the daughters posted a picture of the female family members seemingly dressed up as "Sailor Moon" characters.

Keep SLEIGHING it, Yoshidas.

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