College Girl Won't Give Guy The Time Of Day Until She Thinks He's Famous (Video)

The guys over at ModelPrankstersTV conducted a bit of a social experiment: Would people treat you differently if they thought you were famous?

Obviously, the answer is "yes" — but how differently?

They had an actor visit the Rutgers University campus, approach a female student and hit on her. At first, the girl is not about it. She basically tells him to go away because her boyfriend is on his way to get lunch with her.

As they’re talking, another actor, playing a student, approaches the guy and asks to take a picture with him, claiming he is his "favorite musician."

As more and more students flock to the table to take selfies with the “famous” singer, the girl’s attitude changes from standoffish to admiring.

I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it’s perfect. Girlfriend gets a taste of her own medicine.