Guy Cleverly Adds Honest Genres To The Shelves In A Bookstore (Photos)

by Connor Toole

You're probably familiar with the traditional genres bookstores use to sort their offerings -- Historical Fiction, Self-Help, Erotic Manga -- but there are also a number of fairly obscure categories you might not be aware of.

Being able to sort by subject matter can be incredibly convenient, but it can be kind of a pain for people looking for something a little more specific than Science Fiction or Movies and DVDs.

One man managed to track down a bookstore that hasn't closed yet and decided to make up some genres you probably won't see at the two other franchises that haven't been put out of business.

They might want to think about adding some of these, though. It might not help sales, but it's probably not going to hurt.

The only way they can get their shirts back is by having passionate sex with a vulnerable woman.

The real key to success is keeping your hair trimmed above your shoulders.

Needs more koalas (I only wrestle opponents I know I'm going to beat).

The alternative title of the book in the middle is "Doing The Impossible."

Caitlin knows what she likes. Can't fault her for that.

Regis is the scariest thing on the entire shelf.

There's a chance a book can solve all your problems (and there's also a good chance it won't).

You could open an entire store based on this genre alone.

Hint: Buy cookbooks on sale to make people think you're self-sufficient, and use the extra money for takeout.