People Took Fake Book Covers On The Subway Again And Got The Best Reactions


Last month, comedian Scott Rogowsky hopped on the subway in New York City armed with an arsenal of fake books with titles designed to make even the most ambivalent commuter look twice.

Covers for "Definitely Not Porn" and "Gone Girl 2: Even Goner" elicited plenty of curious looks from riders he shared a car with, and my only regret after watching the video is that I now have to wake up every day knowing I live in a world where none of those books actually exist.

Thankfully, Rogowsky is back with Akilah Hughes to ease my (and everyone else's) pain with a follow up to the previous video featuring an entirely new library of books that will never be written -- like Al Roker's "Everyone Sharts."

In addition to the incredulous and confused expressions featured heavily in the first installment, titles like "Tinder Training Your Toddler" inspired a few people to take out their phones and take creep-shots from across the car, which is practically a badge of honor for anyone trying to prank people on the subway in NYC.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pitch the "Unsightly Genital Rashes" coloring book to actual publishers. I heard those are all the rage right now.