This Video Perfectly Describes Why Becoming 'Facebook Official' Is A Slippery Slope

Being in a "Facebook Official" relationship is a slippery slope most significant others would prefer not to go down.

It's one thing to post the occasional picture of you and your girlfriend on Facebook, it's another thing to change your profile status to revolve around being with her.

In most couples, there's usually one person who practically forces the other to post that he or she is "In a Relationship" on Facebook, due to either insecurities or possessiveness.

As a former offender of this insecurity, I can admit I made my college girlfriend change her status to "Married" to me (I thought it was funnier than "In a Relationship" but still got the message across to other guys to back the f*ck off!).

But don't worry, I have become wiser in my later years. My current girlfriend isn't even in my Facebook picture (though her dog is...).

Anyway, moral of the story: Revolving your relationship's legitimacy around a status on Facebook will never lead to a healthy relationship.

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