The Eyewitness Interviewed By Local News Is Now The Star Of A New Meme (Photos)


Yesterday, the Internet exploded when an eyewitness to a car crash recounted the events in a way guaranteed to go down in YouTube remix history.

The only way the eyewitness's story could have been more entertaining would be if Cirque du Soleil performers were lighting themselves on fire (or whatever it is they do) in the background.

Here's the original video.

The witness, who we now know is named Courtney Barnes, captured our meme-hearts and meme-minds with this phrase:

Yup, apparently all we need to make a funny meme is someone saying something really normal in a weird way.

You know the drill.

I smell a new Burger King spokesperson.

Super downsize me.

Then, this sort of thing started happening...

And that led to this...

...which, naturally, led to this.

Side note: Courtney Barnes was on "So You Think You Can Dance."

To top it off, Burger King issued this response, with the caption, "Why just a #PieceOfABurger?"

The answer, Burger King, is because I only want a little bit of diarrhea.