Ex-Cops Smoke Weed On Camera To Celebrate 4/20 And It's Hilarious

I've never been caught by a cop while smoking weed, but it's been a fear of mine since May 2004 when a girl I was dating and I stole her dad's year-old sock-drawer weed and lost our minds laughing at "Zoolander."

So, it's pretty strange to watch a video of three ex-cops ripping a bong like teenagers. None of them had smoked in decades.

There are too many gems to list, but my favorite is definitely when the interviewer explains that some people get horny when they smoke and asks if that's happening to them. One of the mustached cops speaks up with:

I'm 73. It's been so long since I made love, I can't remember who ties up whom.

Um, dude, you're too high. Go home.

For all the narcs out there, this video was filmed in Washington DC, which has legalized recreational marijuana use, so mind your business.