News — Weed Chef Finds Innovative Way To Neutralize The Smell And Taste Of Marijuana (Video)
by Julian Sonny

For years, edibles have been a highly effective way for stoners to get their fix without all the hassle of smoking.

Typically sold in the form of weed gummies, brownies and other baked goods, THC-infused snacks have potent effects that are day-altering, to say the least. But what about real food?

Meet Jeff the 420 Chef. The underwear salesman-turned-medicinal cook is changing the game by whipping up family-style meals with -- you guessed it -- delicious marijuana as his special ingredient.

Of course, this has been done before but the only difference is that with Jeff's special dishes, you can neither smell nor taste the bud!

Using his top secret butter and oil concoctions as the base, Jeff was able to remove all of the flavor from the marijuana while keeping the THC (the thing that gets you high) intact.

Imagine enjoying some beer, chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. Now imagine getting smacked off that.

Jeff is hopeful this revolutionary culinary method will one day become a full-time business for him and, considering all the possibilities with cannabis cooking, things are just getting started.

As long as there are stoners like you and me, he shouldn't have a hard time finding loyal customers.

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