Everyone's Favorite Boob Twerker Is Back In Time For Valentine's Day (Video)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means the next few days will be chock-full of all things pink, cupid and heart-shaped.

Sara X's latest boob twerking video is no exception.

The boob-popping pro (known for her holiday-themed boob twerking videos) makes her triumphant return dressed as a scantily clad Cupid, complete with angel wings and a bow and arrow.

In the seasonal video up top, Sara X and her dancing titties do their thing to Beethoven's “Fur Elise,” perhaps the most romantic ballad from the famed composer.

Though she's doing the dancing with her boobs, the video is oddly reminiscent of Michelle L'Amour's twerking video, which she performed to Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony."

Paper hearts in the background complete the Valentine's Day scenery perfectly.

The odd juxtaposition of the classic, timeless song with the ridiculousness that is boob twerking is hilarious -- you'll be laughing out loud at your computer screen with this one.


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