Everyone Deserves A Love Letter Like The One This 8-Year-Old Wrote Beyoncé


It's weird when you reach an age to know (or date, in this circumstance) people old enough to be teachers.

An Imgur user's girlfriend teaches 8-year olds during the summer, and one of them, when tasked with writing a letter “to someone you admire,” wrote the most important piece of writing since the Declaration of Independence. (Oh, not the Declaration of Independence you're thinking of. I'm talking about what my ex-girlfriend called her breakup email to me.)

If you can't read coolest-kid-on-the-planet handwriting, allow me to help you out. Here is a transcript of the greatest love letter ever written.

Now, just for comparison, try reading Shakespeare's most famous sonnet about love, and you'll see how shamefully lusterless Shakespeare seems when juxtaposed with the brilliance of this child's passion.

I mean, dude doesn't even mention Beyoncé ONCE. Not ONCE.

Step your game up, Bill.